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Digital Marketing Training: Hands-on Practical

Digital marketing training on how to define winning digital strategy and effective use of social media platforms

The role of digital marketing training in organisations cannot be overemphasised as businesses have redefined their online strategies in order to attract, nurture and convert leads to customers. An effective digital marketing training focuses on two things:

  1. Online Strategy that fits the business model
  2. Effective use of platform features to drive leads for the business

These strategies were recently unveiled at the just concluded digital marketing training at our head office in Lekki. Some professionals came together to invest in capacity building which would enable them solve some difficulties encountered while trying to achieve specific results online. Part of the issues raised were: Facebook account disable, Instagram ban, Ad policy restriction, content creation strategy, low conversion rate and so on.

I saw their drive as I was quick to set up the digital marketing training session to explain how a platform like Facebook is the same all over the world (except that there are few features restricted to certain regions because of territory policies). Since everyone has equal access to set Ads, make payment with different currencies and reach different target audiences. Then, why do some people generate massive results using these available social media platforms while others don’t?

During this digital marketing training, we were able to trace the reasons down to- the online marketing strategy adopted for the business and the effective use of the platform features to generate qualified leads.

Let me give you a gist about how it all started.

We had an introduction and team bonding session where I showed every participants how to introduce themselves as a brand in a public space. I used the ‘ABC’ method I learnt from one of my mentors. This suggests you introduce yourself to say: you are ……. you help ‘A’ to do ‘B’ in order to achieve ‘C’. I will give you an example below:

My name is Kehinde Olofintuyi, a digital marketing consultant. I help small and medium scale business owners to create sales funnel and implement digital marketing strategies to increase their revenue 10 times.

The digital marketing training class started on a good note as the participants were able to learn how to position their brand in a conversation.

We moved straight to the strategy session to learn how to by-pass platform algorithms using sales funnel. The participants revealed their business model which was similar to the multi-level marketing niche. Obviously, Facebook has some strict rules regarding health and multi-level marketing. However, there are basic rules that must be adhered to in order to achieve your marketing goals.

I took time to explain Facebook Ad approval the process and how they must keep the platform rules. This process explains why you need to give out valuable information as a lead magnet to be able to build your mail list rather than start selling your product directly.

It was agreed during the digital marketing training that the best approach to closing a deal is to ‘stop selling and start helping”. This perspective goes a long way to making you an authority in your niche while you attract, nurture and eventually convert leads to clients.

The facilitator led us straight into the practical session as we started out to creating the sales funnel for our business which is in line with the business model. The participants were provided with a simple WordPress site that was used to create a landing page. Some plugins and tools were given by to the participants to enable them build their funnel, lead magnet, opt-in page and thank you page.

Although, the funnel was set to run after few hours into the digital marketing training session. However, we observed that the content creation approach was not well defined and clear enough to drive valuable actions.

We had to move slightly into content creation as content is king!  The facilitator let out some formula for copy writing such as PAS and AIDA to enable the participants re-write their content in an engaging format to drive desired action.

The digital marketing training session was intense and loaded with practical hands-on approach to getting clients online. In fact, the participants couldn’t utilize their break session because there was much to cover within a very limited time.

After about 5 hours of training, we called it a day while practical assignments and sample designs were given to the participants to enable them build their desired sales funnel.


The participants appeared very enthusiastic to start generating leads for their business, having done all required of them from the lectures of the previous day. Of course, we have all we need to take them up even if they decide to spend a year with us. At this point, it became necessary to represent your contents with graphical illustrations to capture the mind of your audience.

Knowing this fact, we introduced a graphics master class which was led by another creative strategist. This session enabled participants to create graphics such as E-book cover photo, Ad creative for social media and some other web banners that would be needed to set up their sales funnel. They were introduced to a simple tool that could be used both on mobile and on laptop.

Having created a lead magnet and a sales funnel, it is now time to learn how to push targeted traffic into the sales funnel as we automate the process. I led this class to show the participants how to set sponsored Ads using the Facebook admin dashboard to push traffic into the sales funnel. They were shown tricks to get the exact customer you want online, platform requirements for Ad creative, how to reduce Ad spend, how to integrate Instagram account to Facebook and make payments using different currencies.

During the digital marketing training, we were able to also resolve few issues with some Ad accounts and ways to avoid them subsequently. We then jumped into the Online Marketing Clinic during which we had one-one-one chat on issues the participants had regarding online marketing and proffer solutions to them.

The digital marketing training session came to an end with vote of thanks from the team lead as we set up a WhatsApp group for post training support.

Do you desire to have such practical experience?

Do you want to start a career in Digital Marketing?

Are you looking at starting your company and be self employed?

Do you need hands-on practical training on Digital Marketing?

Then, Join our next training session. 




Are you setting up a new brand or planning to start up your business in Nigeria and you need optimal visibility for your brand leveraging on Digital Marketing and Outdoor Advertising? Then, connect with Kehinde Olofintuyi, a Digital Marketing & Advertising Consultant per excellence, a web developer, Facebook Certified Digital Entrepreneur, Fate Foundation Alumnus and a Licensed Outdoor Practitioner in Lagos and Abuja. His 11 years’ experience with remarkable growth made him become a go-to person in the Advertising/Digital Marketing industry. Due to his outstanding contributions he consults for, Swiftscreen Enterprises Ltd, Two steps Initiatives, Gradient Global Limited, New Quay Group amongst others. He is the author of the best selling E-book for MSMEs titled “Facebook Ads Mastery- The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook to Get More Leads and Sales” He has helped to implement marketing campaigns for Brands like: GOTV, BATA, Taxify, Bolt, Next Cash ‘n’ Carry, Periwinkle, Brentwood Villa and many top real estate companies in Nigeria. He has trained over 200 entrepreneurs on how to leverage on the components of digital marketing to generate leads and drive sales.

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