Exposing how the CEO mindset helps to become a successful entrepreneur.

As good as the title-CEO sounds, it comes with lot of responsibilities. As a matter of fact, your early stage of being a CEO involves playing the role of lawyer, accountant, strategist, developer, HR, and what have you?

Most time, the success of a business enterprise is dependent on the promoter. Hence, if you have couple of friends and families that can support, patronise or refer you at an early stage, this helps your business stabilise.

Yes! At a certain stage, you need to scale the business, implement specific models to attract leads, nurture and convert them to clients.


Now, let me take you back to few questions that flows through the mind of any CEO trying to start up a business.

What are the chances that the business you are about to launch will succeed?

Is the business scalable and sustainable?

What if government policies disrupt the business model?

What if you have the wrong partner?

What if your initial projections go wrong?

What if sudden inflation sets in?

What if there’s a major disruption in the chosen niche?

What if some other unforeseen cause of events take place?

Do you need more “What If”?

Within my few years as an entrepreneur, holding the title of CEO, I have come to discover that the smartest and the most innovative CEO at a point in time face these fears. In as much as they realize these factors could affect their business; they also work out different ways to mitigate the risks.

But guess what?

All is still simulation of idea until you get to the field of play and launch the idea. That is the only time you can have interaction and people’s feedback on the innovation; this will then guide you to tweak the innovation to meet up with the market demand.

Do you know that there are times when the specific innovation does not meet market demand?  the CEO silently walks away to think of another idea that can fly. Ask many CEOs, they will tell you one idea or the other that they have launched at one point that did not work out but they still have to keep re-inventing.

When they finally get one that scales market demand, everyone celebrates them.

This is my emphasis!

Every CEO experiences certain FEARS while trying to launch an idea or innovation. But the successful one develops the CEO mindset that believes in possibilities despite all odds. This passion helps to find solution to possible challenges while utilising available resources to get started.

While speaking with many CEOs, reading lot of books about successful entrepreneurs and speaking with other colleagues, I have come to discover THE CEO MINDSET.


Facing your fears starts with consciously overcoming little challenges.

For instance, I have phobia for height and I know this so well. So, I made up my mind that I was going to start with those little things that may seem insignificant as a stepping stone to overcoming my fears.

No wonder why David was able to consciously say that while lions came to attack the flock, he rescued them. If he could handle that situation, dealing with goliath was just a similar case and Boom! So he did.

I summoned courage to visit The Lekki Conservation Center in Lekki, Nigeria,  which is an oasis of nature within the urban chaos of Lagos, and the suspended canopy walkway that rises over the reserve is the longest in all of Africa. The canopy walkway features six towers that rise over 22 feet each. After paying for the entrance fee and canopy walk, the tour guide took us on the trip and when we got to the canopy walk, it was the most challenging moment of my life as I was asked to lead the team of seven.

Why me?

As if everyone knew I had this phobia for height! They cheered me to lead the team, So I did. As I was moving on the canopy, I looked down and I screamed. Someone behind me also screamed and said – FOCUS!

I held to the word- FOCUS and that was it! It got to a stage that the journey later became interesting that when we finally got to the peak, it was like all my fears were gone as we started descending down the canopy.

I found the journey so exhilarating that I had to climb another tall tree house. My motivation was- If I could climb the canopy to the top, then I could also get to the tree top. So I did.

After this experience, I immediately got back to apply the CEO mindset to my business goals for this year, to push my FEARS behind bars and FOCUS.

Finding the courage to share this on my blog with a network of over 100,000 prospective and successful entrepreneurs is another milestone to overcoming the CEO FEARS. I hope someone will also find the courage to defile the normal, overcome the fear and lead the disruption while you effectively manage the title of CEO.

If you find this write up interesting, you can share your thought, few of your fears and how you were able to overcome them; then subscribe to this blog to get more updates as soon as I drop valuable contents here.


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