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Website Design: 5 Key Features A Website Must Posses in 2021.

A quick review into the features that helps website design to be an effective tool for marketing in this new dispensation

A website design is an indispensable tool for marketing especially when the right features are put in place to serve your target audience. In this blog, I want to share with you, 5 key features your website must possess in order to bring your desired customers.



Gone are the days when people believe that only websites that sell visible products are permitted to have an E-commerce interface, where people can add their product to cart, pay and get it delivered to them. Unfortunately, the recent happenings have exposed us to the fact that you can productise your services if you belong to the service niche.

For instance, if you sell insurance, rather than having your website appear like a billboard that shows your company address and the services you render, you could make your HOME page have an E-commerce feel where people can see some of your insurance packages like motor, health, building, etc, click to view the terms, add to cart and make payment.

For coaches and mentors, you could also productise your service on the home page of your website where people can log on and see the cost for your different services and reach out to you immediately.

When you give your website a feel of E-commerce, you productise your services and help your customers make a quick decision once they visit your website.


A sales funnel could be described as having a marketing staff speak about your brand regularly. The best sales person is you! Yes! the business owner. You are the best person that can market and sell your product more precisely. Hence, when you employ a sales person for a brand, the person has to go through training while you try to teach the person your model, approach and the value system.

What about if you could document your sales approach and automate it to run all through the calendar year? That’s what sales funnel does. You will have to write a sales copy (copywriting) that will be engaging while answering all questions that may pop out from a prospect while trying to convince them to buy your product or service. Then, you automate this process on your website.

All you need to do thereafter is to push targeted traffic to the landing page and go to bed. People get there, read, get convinced, take actions, make payment and get their product or requested service. You only have to wake up to see your money delivered to your account.

Most coaches and facilitators adopt this approach to monetise their contents. The good news is that you can actually have more than one funnel running simultaneously on your website.


A website design does not stop at the frontend design. Whether your website generates income for you or not will be determined by what is happening at the backend of the site.

The backend of the website is usually that part that is not visible to your visitors. It consists the model and functionalities that drives the business and make the frontend visible or attractive.

Once visitors get to your website, have you wondered to know there are tools to check exactly what they came to do? What page they are surfing the most?  Exactly if they are facing difficulty navigating on the site? Or if they need help?

This is similar to when visitors visit your physical office and you give them sweet/bubble gum at the reception. People now give incentives to visitors that come to their website. It could be in form of free Ebook, white paper, discount,etc. When they accept these gifts, the backend starts work immediately!

They are welcomed into a funnel that nurtures them with valuable contents and offers at intervals till they are converted to customers. Even after being a customer, the funnel keeps up to enjoying the lifetime value of the customer.

You also have several tools that keep track of the visitors on your website, where they came from and other valuable details you can use for re-marketing.

Since we are at the era of social distancing where traffic to physical  offices are being shutdown, we need to prepare how to receive these visitors when they come to our online platforms and run an effective backend to keep them.


People want to work with professionals, especially those who have a niche and have distinguished themselves with positive results from their activities. We are at the dispensation where content is king. People want to hear you. Get your voice and make it loud, then the money will follow. You will be surprised that some of the people making money now in different industries are not necessarily the best in those industries but they are the ones that have shown their faces to have authority in their niche.

Now is the time to have a blog running on your website where you can share your thoughts, industry updates, challenges, experiences and contents that can drive valuable actions from visitors coming to your website.

Be a thought leader, share valuable information and people will come to you for help in that niche.


Most business owners make this common mistake. They spend so much money to design a website and refuse to invest in activities that can make the website visible to target audience.

You only waste money when you stop at website design. You need to insist that your website be submitted to Google for necessary optimisation. You need to learn how to follow some basic rules to rank your contents on search engines with the help of Yoast plugin amongst others.

Optimising your website or blog contents allow strangers to find you whenever they search for a particular keyword on search engines that is in line with your write up. It also pulls some amount of monthly traffic to your web platform which helps with lead generation.

While you are trying the paid version of optimising your website via Google Ads, you still have to continue the organic SEO to give you a lasting result while the Ad budget is exhausted.

I employ you to quickly  do a review on your website design features and how you have been able to leverage on your platform with respect to the  present challenges in 2021. Apparently, you may have to do just a little tweak to make the difference.

Want to know how to remodel your website design to meet up with the new normal? Feel free to reach out to me HERE as I will be glad to help.

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